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5 03 2008

A. Introduction

Before we begin talking about what is CbGlobe, I’ll assume that you

already know what Clickbank is.

If you don’t, in a very simplified form, it is a huge marketplace of over

10,000 digital products and over 100,000 affiliates.

You can sell your own product, or you can promote their ever

increasing products’ database for free as an affiliate.

What’s great about Clickbank is that as soon as you create a free

affiliate account
, you can instantly promote any of their 10,000+

products without having to apply for it or fill out any other info.

With that said, let’s begin with our subject:

A. (I) What is CbGlobe

CbGlobe is a free Clickbank portal. A system that retrieves the hottest

selling products from Clickbank, sorted by popularity, which earns you

multiple income streams.

Instead of promoting products one by one, you can have your own

Clickbank mall, with your ID embedded in more than 10,000 Clickbank

products earning you up to 75% commissions, as well as many 2-tier

affiliate programs. That means you can earn money in any niche, and

build your 2-tier downlines in other affiliate programs at the same


In other words, you can promote one web site and earn multiple

income streams at the same time, but this is only one monetization


There are lots of different methods that you can make money with the

various features of CbGlobe (more on these methods in section A. III.)

A. (II) How Do You Configure CbGlobe With

Your Affiliate IDs?

There are 2 types of affiliate links that you are getting credit for, with

your CbGlobe account:

a. Clickbank’s 10,000+ products

b. 2tier and residual income affiliate programs

To begin with, the Clickbank nickname you use with your CbGlobe

account, automatically gives you commissions for all 10,000+

Clickbank products.

Therefore, you only need to configure/update “category b” links (2tier

and residual income affiliate programs)

Doing that is very easy.

Here it is in 3 easy steps:

1. Sign up for your FREE CbGlobe Account

2. Login to your admin panel

You should see this:

3. Click on the “update your affiliate ids” link

You should see this:

For the affiliate programs you have already joined in the past, simply

enter your affiliate ID in the respective box and click on update.

For the affiliate programs for which you do not have an affiliate ID

already, simply click where it says “click here to join the program”.

Once you have your affiliate ID, just enter it in the associated box and

click on update. (note: your affiliate ID should be similar in form to the

example given for each one above)

That’s all there is to it! All the affiliate programs chosen are free to

join. Once you update all the IDs you’ll be earning from your CbGlobe

portal, affiliate commissions on

a. 10,000+ Clickbank products

b. 2tier and residual affiliate income on the programs

you just updated (there are about 12 currently)

B. How Does CbGlobe Make You Money?

Here’s an overview of the different ways you can make money with


1. Clickbank commissions on 10,000+ Clickbank products

2. 2tier and residual affiliate commissions on the following


Aweber – autoresponder with 2tier affiliate program

b. Public Domain Riches – Yanik Silver’s 2tier affiliate program

c. Desperate Money – Shawn Casey’s 2tier affiliate program

d. Site Build It – Ken Evoy’s 2tier affiliate program

e. Insider Marketing Secrets – Derek Gehl’s 2tier affiliate

program (IMC)

f. Third Sphere Web Hosting – Web hosting that pays

$10/month on each referral

g. HyperVre – Free niche site creator that pays $48.50 per OTO

(one time offer) upgrade

h. MyDD – Ebook delivery software with 2tier affiliate program

i. Article Marketer – Article submission service with 2tier

affiliate program

j. Nitro List Builder – 2tier affiliate program

k. TrafficSwarm – Traffic exchange with downline that grows on

5 levels

l. Free Advertising Blog – Earn $98.50 on each OTO upgrade

m. Conquer Your Niche – Viral marketing forum with downline

that grows on 5 levels

The last 3 are included so that you grow your downlines and earn free

advertising credits to advertise your CbGlobe portal or anything else

you’d like.

3. Giving away FREE CbGlobe portals

You profit from others getting their free CbGlobe in 2 ways:

a. You get 51% of the OTO (one time offer) that people see when they

join through your link.

b. You get people under you in the 2-tier affiliate programs that come

with CbGlobe (right now there are about 12), so all those sub-affiliates

can make you money when they make sales… for as long as they

makes sales!

4. Use the adsense-like plugins to monetize your existing blogs

and content sites

You can use the adsense-like plugins to monetize your existing blogs

and content sites (see examples of these adsense-like ads on the

and on the signup page) and get paid big dollar

commissions rather than pennies from adsense.

5. Use the adsense-like plugins to create niche blogs and

content sites for various niches

You can specify what your niche term is and you’ll be getting Clickbank

ads, similar to the adsense style for your niche term. E.g if your

site/blog is about acne you can have acne products showing up.. if it’s

about dog training you can have dog training products showing up etc.

(see “acne” niche and “ebay” niche ads on the signup page)

6. Clickbank search plugin

Instantly add to your sites and blogs, Clickbank’s huge database of

10,000+ products with your Clickbank affiliate ID embedded in all of

them. Simply copy and paste a small snippet of code on your site and

you are done. (see screenshot below)

Clickbank Portal Search Plugin Screenshot

C. Where Do You Send The Traffic?

You have 2 choices.

You can send them to…

a. Your CbGlobe Portal

b. The CbGlobe Giveaway Page

a. Sending them to your CbGlobe Portal

If you would like to send them to your CbGlobe Portal page you

would send them to:

b. Sending them to the CbGlobe Giveaway Page

If you would like to send them to the CbGlobe Giveaway page

you would send them to:

It’s a matter of preference where you send people. You could be using

both urls in different situations.

In any of the above situations, anyone who clicks your link will give

you credit if they purchase anything or sign up for their own CbGlobe,

for everything we talked about earlier:

• Commissions for 10,000+ products

• 2 tier and residual income from affiliate programs

• 2tier affiliates signing under you

• 51% of the OTO

D. Ready-Made Promo Tools To Generate

Traffic To Your Clickbank Portal

You could promote it in a variety of ways, such as:

1. Emailing your own optin list (not spam),

2. Writing and submitting articles

3. Distributing the free rebrandable ebook I am giving you (see link


4. PPC – Google Adwords/Overture

5. Forum and Email Signatures

6. Viral articles from Cb Globe

7. Banners

8. 404 Error Pages

….and much much more.

Here are ready-made promo tools that you can set up instantly

and start profiting:


If you would like to send them to your CbGlobe Portal page you

would send them to:

If you would like to send them to the CbGlobe Giveaway page

you would send them to:

At the default link is for the second type of link

(i.e the CbGlobe Giveaway page), therefore feel free to substitute that

one with the first type (i.e CbGlobe portal page)

E. Other CbGlobe Awesome Features, And How

They Make You Money

I. Banner Rotator Manager

Use the banner manager to promote your own products or affiliate

products on your own websites. Simply add a small snippet of code on

your site and all your banners will be rotating, driving traffic to your

products and affiliate links

II. Url Rotator

You can use the Url Rotator feature for split testing different ad

campaigns or sales letters. You can assign weight on each link. The

higher the weight the more times the links would be displayed before

the next is shown.

For the screenshot example above, I would be using the rotating url

displayed at the bottom and will be displayed 2

times, then 1 time, then 2 times,

and finally mydd aff url will be displayed 1 time… and it will keep

rotating this way.

III. Hit Tracker

Ad Tracking feature that you can use to track your advertising

activities. You have unlimited tracking urls, so you can track all your

advertising here and know what is working and what is not. (see

screenshot below)

IV. Viral Article Syndication – Publish viral articles on

your website

This is easier than it sounds.

Let’s say your Cb Globe Username Id is JohnAffiliate77

Your Cb Globe affiliate url would be:

(in this case JohnAffiliate77 does not exist, therefore you wouldn’t be

able to visit the site, but when you replace that with your own CbGlobe

username you’ll be able to visit and the example will be working as

explained below)

If you click on

and then go to you will

see a small snippet of code that you can paste on your website and get

credit whether they buy an affiliate product, or they get the OTO, or

they join Cb Globe in your 2tier affiliate downlines.

The code will look like that:

var id = ” JohnAffiliate77“;

var id = ” JohnAffiliate77″;

Notice the ID JohnAffiliate77 that gives the credit.

(in your case, instead of JohnAffiliate77, it should be your own

CbGlobe username

That’s all there is to it. As I’m adding articles, your website will be

receiving fresh content automatically, and the best of all is that you

will be profiting from each and every article!

F. FAQ Questions

For a constantly updated FAQ page, which will answer a lot of your

questions please click here

G. Final Words

So to recap:

Step 1: Sign up for a free CbGlobe account

Step 2: Update your affiliate IDs (see A. II)

Step 3: Start promoting your CbGlobe portal homepage and/or the

CbGlobe portal giveaway page
(get ready-made promo tools here)

Step 4 (optional): Place the adsense-like plugin and

Clickbank search plugin on your websites and blogs.

Step 5 (optional): Make use of the other cool features of CbGlobe –

hit tracker, banner rotator manager, url rotator and viral article


As you can see there are lots of features and different ways you can

get started making money with CbGlobe.

Don’t let that overwhelm you though! Don’t feel that you have to use

all the features at once. Just get started and do steps 1 – 3, and you

can use the other features by following steps 4 and 5 later on. The

important thing is to get started.

“100% of the shots you don’t take don’t go in.”

– Wayne Gretzky

I hope this report gave you some ideas on how to utilize this powerful

resource called CbGlobe, and leverage the power of Clickbank’s huge

product database.

To Your CbGlobe Profits,

Abdallah Bouhouari



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